Tips to travel the world like Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain former employer Six Tips to Travel

Tips to travel the world like Anthony Bourdain, according to his former employer

Anthony Bourdain

Months after the passing of one of the culinary world’s most influential chefs, a former employer of Anthony Bourdain has compiled a list of tips for travelling like the late chef.

Apart from his cooking skills, Bourdain was beloved for his storytelling abilities, which he used to entertain viewers on his travel shows, No Reservations, and later, Parts Unknown.

During these trips to remote, fascinating and unique locations around the world, Bourdain did what he did best - ate, tried new experiences, and brought the unknown into the worlds of his fans.

Following his death, Kathleen Rellihan, a CNN travel writer who worked with Bourdain at Travel Channel, has offered some advice for fellow travellers looking to experience the world the same way the chef did.
Anthony Bourdain

Find your own path

According to Rellihan, there are seven ways people can incorporate Bourdain’s legacy into their own travels - starting with finding their own unique destinations.

What made Bourdain so special was his ability to seek out locations that were off the beaten path - which others should also do in their quests for new experiences. “Find your own path,” Rellihan advises.

Ask questions

Bourdain’s success was in part due to his understanding of the importance of communication - and his ability to ask questions that unravelled stories.

To get the most out of a destination and a culture previously unknown, you should simply ask questions.

According to Rellihan, part of Bourdain’s appeal was that he never shied away from reality and authenticity in a world where people are constantly sharing editing or staged photos.

In one episode of Parts Unknown, Bourdain didn't hide from viewers that a fishing expedition was actually staged by the fisherman - instead he kept the cameras running as he expressed his anger.

To change the world for the better, share what you see during your travels - the good and the bad.

One of Bourdain’s biggest travel tips was to seek out restaurants that were loved by the locals - which often led to the best food.

For authentic experiences, and more importantly, authentic food, travellers should do as the locals do.

Prior to travelling anywhere, the 61-year-old chef would learn everything he could about his upcoming destination through books and movies.To learn about a culture and get the most out of your trip, Rellihan recommends first immersing yourself in its art - just as Bourdain did.

Throughout his remarkable career, Bourdain did not discriminate when it came to choosing destinations to visit - even if they were considered unsafe, unsuitable for travel, or unfriendly.

By visiting places and countries that were typically overlooked by tourists, Bourdain taught viewers that negative perceptions should not keep you from experiencing a place - as what you actually find is likely to surprise you.

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