Lake Tahoe Update - Spring Events, Summer Concert Series, Does Lake Tahoe Freeze?

Does Lake Tahoe Freeze Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Update Spring Events Summer Concert Series

Lake Tahoe Update - Spring Events, Summer Concert Series, Does Lake Tahoe Freeze?
Lake Tahoe for Springtime allows you to experience the High Sierra region like never before. Lake Tahoe, is known for having warm and mild winter weather while offering deep snow drifts and spectacular scenery. There’s also an amazing amount of fun to be had for three straight weeks during the Spring Loaded event which runs from March 14 through April 7, 2019. There will be on-mountain events, happy hours, live shows, and much more. Read More
Looking forward, South Lake Tahoe concerts heat up in the summer and each year the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys hosts some of the biggest music acts under the stars in their outdoor amphitheater. Artists who have performed in the past include Elton John, Lady Gaga, and The Who. Harveys has announced the first two acts for 2019: Dave Matthews Band and Luke Bryan. Read More
Did you know, Lake Tahoe never freezes? Lake Tahoe’s large volume, a relatively small watershed to the lake and the surrounding geology are the primary reasons for its naturally clear waters. At 1,644 feet (501 m) deep, it is the 2nd deepest lake in the United States and it is the 11th deepest in the world. Read More
Cave Rock was created over 3 million years ago and is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe. You can see the rock structure from almost any point on the lake. It’s considered sacred to the Washoe Indians and is also called “The Lady of the Lake” because from the water you can see the profile of a woman’s face in the rock structure. The hike up to the top of Cave Rock is very short and only takes about 15 minutes. Read More
Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe is a hotel built for exploring the incredible lakes, trails, and mountains that the Lake Tahoe Basin has to offer. Basecamp is more than just a place to stay, it is a community and knowledge base that will help you discover everything that Tahoe has to offer. Basecamp is located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, a short 5-minute walk to the lake, and an even shorter 4-minute walk to the Heavenly Village. Read More
America 4 You is a family partnership of husband and wife Marita & Malcolm Ross, daughter Lena, and son Devin. Previously, Marita worked for Cruise America and one of the leading receptive tour operators, responsible for Marlboro Travels. In 1994, convinced that their knowledge and love of the West could be used to select the best product line possible, Marita and Malcolm founded America 4 You. They were later joined by Lena, who also has a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism and is on the Board of Directors of International Inbound Travel Association. Devin and Malcolm look after the winter products.

Specializing in products that require extensive research and time investment like ranch stays and outdoor adventures they quickly became known among overseas tour operators as the company to turn to concern specialty programs and F.I.T. hotels in all Western States.

America 4 You strives to ensure that each visitor will experience the same love and enthusiasm for the incredible beauty and hospitality of the West! For more information contact Lena Ross.
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