7 Under-the-Radar Sights That Aren’t Overrun by Tourists

7 Under-the-Radar Sights Overrun by Tourists

7 Under-the-Radar Sights That Aren’t Overrun by Tourists

You’ve seen the Eiffel Tower. Been to Times Square. But how about the Atomium, or Mount Pilatus? While the touristy spots are iconic, sometimes it takes uncovering a hidden gem to get the genuine, local experience that makes any trip extra special. These TripMaximizers used TripAdvisor to navigate their way off the beaten path, relying on traveler tips and more to achieve their own totally unforgettable adventures.

“This is the Atomium  It’s a weirdly awesome Brussels World’s Fair monument from 1958 and is something we never would have seen without @tripadvisor. It’s a little outside the main city but we were lucky enough to go on a day with NO LINES!!!   #tripmaximizer #muchadoabouttravel #brussels #Belgium” — TripAdvisor traveler Goobers on the Go (IG: @goobersonthego)

“I was in Lucern, Switzerland. It is a small town, so my first thought was that I didn’t need a guide or a tour. Then I opened TripAdvisor to find a good restaurant and saw a great picture of another tourist made on Mount Pilatus, which was nearby Lucern. I almost missed this beautiful mountain, and if it wasn’t for TripAdvisor I’d stay in the city, would see the lake only and would miss the mountain. I booked a great trip to that mountain within the app and had an amazing day up there. #TripMaximizer” — TripAdvisor traveler Andrey (IG: @unworld)


“#tripmaximizer As a travel blogger I try to always go off the beaten path. TripAdvisor is my go to in doing just that! I’m in #negriljamaica at the #blueholejamaica you can jump or take the ladder down, swim in the cool water, surrounded by limestones and a make out cave! Then come out and get massage…. will tell you all about in just 5 days… till then OneLove 

“Halong bay is beautiful, but its lesser known neighbour is so much calmer and just as special. Thank you @tripadvisor for maximizing our trip! . . . #luxurylifestyle #luxury #TripMaximizer” — TripAdvisor traveler Lisa (IG: @wayfaringruby)

“We can always count on TripAdvisor to find the hidden gems like this wild beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. It made researching and renting the awesome budget cottage nearby a breeze. #travel #visithawaii #lethawaiihappen #trailblazerhawaii #WhyWeTravel I’m a #TripMaximizer” — TripAdvisor traveler Janine (Twitter: @hawaiitogo)

“I had never heard of Bandelier National Monument until the night before we went when I discovered it via TripAdvisor. It was spectacular! Traveler Tip: arrive at Bandelier before 9:00 am or after 3:00 pm and you can park at the trailhead. Otherwise you will be required to ride a shuttle, walk in the crowd, and absorb the most heat. Of course the photography is better in the early and late hours anyway!” — TripAdvisor traveler  Jeanne (IG: @minnesota_wanderer)

“I always use @TripAdvisor to find hidden gems, like the colorful pueblo of #Guatape in Colombia. Without the amazing user reviews of this day trip, I would have never known that such a vibrant little town lied just a couple hours beyond Medellin’s cityscape. #TripAdvisor #TripMaximizer” — TripAdvisor traveler Christina (IG: @jetsetchristina)

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