Wellness Festival Mauritius 2020 Announced

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Wellness Festival Mauritius 2020 Announced
Wellness Festival Mauritius 2020 Announced

The second edition of this international Wellness Festival organised by Heritage Resorts will be taking place on 22-24th May 2020 in the south of Mauritius. The festival, which is the largest of its kind in the Indian Ocean, is part of a month-long focus on wellness with experts hosting a variety of retreats around the festival.

The Wellness Festival Mauritius is a three-day programme of wellness experiences and workshops that will inspire, educate and empower you to find your own way towards better wellness, greater happiness, health and fulfilment.

It is being held at the C Beach Club of Heritage Resorts in serene surroundings between the reef and a nature reserve.  This tropical island offers everything you need for an idyllic wellness escape. Turquoise waters and soft white sand beaches contrast against the vibrant green tropical beauty and preserved nature, whilst the enviable warm climate helps your worries melt away.

Led by international wellness leaders and local experts the festival will offer six wellness dimensions with over 60 workshops and inspirational talks.  The six dimensions are:

Mind-Body Practice – mindful classes in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and Breathing led by experts in their field.

Nature Connection – using nature to calm the mind and connect to the elements. Expect forest bathing, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises whilst being immersed in nature such as the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites of Le Morne and the Biosphere Nature Reserve.

Holistic Health – natural approaches to reach health in your mind, body and soul, inspirational talks on how to use nutrition and plants, workshops teaching you techniques to release mind and body tensions, manage stress, avoid depression and deal with life in a busy world.

Personal Development –talks on understanding yourself, removing blockages and the tools for developing a more confident and happier self.

Artistic Expression –opportunities to express yourself and achieve wellbeing through artistic pursuits such as singing, playing music, dancing, acting and painting. Open to all budding artists who have yet to unleash their talents.

Spirituality– find your life philosophy, be inspired about the principles that can guide you through life, harmonise your life and help manage difficult times.

Other features of the festival include an art exhibition with local artists who will help you to discover your own artistic talents; all-day healthy and nutritious cuisine with recipes to inspire, awaken your senses and satisfy your appetite; a children's wellness zone for kids between 3-12 years old to enjoy nature excursions and playful activities under supervision; music corners that encourage audience participation, local craft stalls with opportunities to create crafts yourself; plus evening musical concerts provided by local bands with the audience encouraged to let go and dance along.

Hannah Barrett, a leading London-based yoga instructor who led some of the three-day activities in 2019 says:

“The Wellness Festival Mauritius is a celebration of nature and an incredible journey for the mind, body and soul. The variety of classes, workshops, nature experiences and seminars was really impressive.”

Retreats and workshops to deepen your practice and learning will be led by leading wellness experts before and after the festival. Details will be announced shortly.


The festival costs £227 for the 3-day pass and this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, all practice sessions, workshops and entertainment.


Guests can stay onsite at the 5-star Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort for £168 per person/ night including daily festival ticket.

Veranda Tamarin in Tamarin Bay (45 minutes' drive from the festival) for £124 per person/night including a daily festival ticket.

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